Individual Insurance


Life Insurance

Making sure you and your loved ones are protected should something unexpected happen, is an essential ingredient in the recovery and healing process.

Financial stress from death or an unexpected illness, can have a compounding effect on the event.

Life Insurance can help families with expenses and debts that continue to mount after death.



Critical Illness

Critical Illness Insurance pays a lump sum benefit if you survive a covered condition, or specific illness. Most contracts require you to survive 30 days upon diagnosis. You can purchase a simple policy that covers heart attacks, stroke and cancer. You can also purchase more extensive contracts that cover a broader range of conditions such as kidney failure, major organ transplants, Multiple Sclerosis, blindness, deafness, loss of speech and many more covered conditions.

Financial burdens can interfere with your recovery. Having sound coverage can help you focus on healing, rather than worry about how you will pay your next bill.

Call us. We can help you put a plan in place.


Disability Insurance

The most valuable asset people own is their ability to earn an income. Does your employer include Disability Insurance in your benefits plan? Have you reviewed the benefit to see if it insures you adequately? Has anyone explained what a Pre-existing Clause means in your contract? Consider your ability to earn an income if you have a sudden accident or contract an illness that limits your ability to move freely and show up to work. When will your income stop and what will you do?

Talk to us about putting a strategy in place to mitigate your risk against illness or injury limiting your ability to earn an income.


Health and Dental

Many people have benefits provided by their employer. If you do not have this coverage, give us a call to explore options available on the market. We can help tailor a plan to meet your family's needs. If you are self-employed, we can also help you set up a tax efficient way to manage your family's health and dental bills. Give us a call for more information.