Group Benefits


Traditional Plans

The Svab Difference is the quality client service we provide through:


  • Plan Design/Analysis: with new quotes and renewals
  • Risk and Liability Analysis
  • Traditional Products
  • Individual Products


  • Claims Reporting
  • Scheduled Plan Reviews
  • Employee Surveys


  • Online Enrolment
  • Online Claims Submission and Tracking
  • Claims Escalation Support

Communication and Education:

  • Administrator Training
  • Group Seminars
  • Web Training
  • Taxation/Liability Issues for Employers

Health Care Spending Accounts


ASO (Administrative Services Only)

Administrative Services Only (ASO), is a self insured arrangement where an employer pays a fee to a third party to administer benefits. Employers can purchase Stop-Loss Insurance to limit exposure to high drug claims; however, the bulk of the risk is carried by the employer. Consequently, if claims are low, employers can potentially save money with this arrangement, keeping in mind that the risk can outweigh the savings.

Please give us a call today for a no-obligation fee analysis of your existing ASO plan, or to conduct a risk analysis if you are considering switching from an insured plan to an ASO plan.


Flexible/Hybrid Plans

Do some employees want higher dental coverage while others ask for higher paramedical coverage? Want to allow your employees to choose their benefits from a menu? You might be eligible for a Flex Plan, where employees can opt into specific coverage choices each renewal. You may also want to substitute traditional health and dental plans, or parts of them, with a Health Spending Account.

Talk to us about customizing and providing flexiblity to your plan. Your staff is important to the success of your business. Understanding their benefits needs while looking out for your bottom line is our priority.


Pension Plans and Group RRSP's

Employer sponsored pension plans come in two forms: Defined benefit and defined contribution plans.

For Defined Benefit Plans, members benefits are set based on factors such as the employees years of service and salary earned. These funds are pooled in a pension fund and invested. The benefit will be set regardless of the pool's investment returns.

A Defined Contribution Plan is dependent on the returns of the fund. Contributions are based on a set amount that the employer and employee contribute.

Group RRSP's (Registered Retirement Savings Plans) and DPSP's (Deferred Profit Sharing Plans) are more popular and less risky than the above two options for employers. Employees have the flexibility to choose their investments with proper advice.

Talk to us about which options is best for your company.


Critical Illness Insurance

Nobody plans on getting sick, but the reality is that people do get sick ... unexpectedly. Cancer, heart attacks and strokes often come without warning.

In the event of a severe illness, Critical Illness Insurance can help you with expenses while your income stops, so that you can focus on your recovery. Depending on your company's size, this coverage may be availalbe without any medical underwriting.


Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability Benefits provide covered employees with monthly income replacement when they are unable to work for an extended period of time due to an illness or injury. The duration of coverage can be structured to last anywhere from 2 years to age 65 after a typical waiting period of 16 weeks. Benefits are non-taxable if employees pay the entire premium (including taxes).

Contact us for more info.


EFAP (Employee/Family Assistance Program

An Employee AND Family Assistance Program (EFAP) offers a variety of confidential counseling and support for employees and their families. Some of these services include:

  • Professional Counseling

  • Family Support

  • Financial Support

  • Health Coaching

  • Legal Support

  • Naturopathic services

  • Nutrition Support

  • Fitness Support

  • Stress coach connects

  • Separation and divorce

  • Smoking cessation

  • Family planning services

  • Enhancing your relationship

These services are provided by an independent third party and guarantee confidentiality for anyone who calls in looking for assistance in any form. Services are offered over the telephone and online, and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Human Resources Support

Some plans offer HR Support that can help you with many HR issues, icnluding Employment Policies and Procedures. Talk to us about plans that include simple HR systems, or if you have a complex need, we have partnered with a firm that can talk to you about a robust Human Resources Information System that can be customized to meet all of your needs.


Special Risk Insurance

  • Insurance to cover war & terrorism exclusions that regular plans typically do not cover

  • Accident coverage for sports leagues and teams

  • Kidnap & Release Insurance

  • Expatriate and Inpatriate Coverage

  • Benefits for U.S. employees